Sending Churches

Local churches in the USA with a passion to help see more Gospel-centered congregations planted and thriving in the Iberian Peninsula. They hold the ropes tightly.

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Church Planters

Missionaries and national pastors engaged in establishing mature and lasting local churches that will in turn reproduce themselves. They lay the foundation faithfully.

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National Churches

Established mother churches in Iberia who in addition to their ministries collaborate with sending churches and missionaries to provide further oversight, counsel, fellowship, and help to new church planting endeavors. They labor patiently.

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Iberia Project Exists To:

  • Help missionaries and national leaders work together in an effective and organized manner in sharing resources and materials for church planting.
  • Keep supporters simultaneously informed and encouraged by the work of the Gospel in churches across Spain and Portugal.
  • Helping sending churches collaborate in the same way as their missionaries do on the field,
  • Provide oversight, accountability, and counsel, without compromising local church authority.
  • Help to raise up and train more laborers,
  • provide funding for special projects,
  • Raise awareness for the Gospel need in this area of the world
  • Streamline the fundraising process for getting new workers there quickly
This is the concept behind Project Iberia. Much of this is already happening on the ground in Spain and Portugal, although in its initial stages. In Spain, multiple churches are working together in this way: they are not identical in their secondary methodology, doctrine, or philosophy, but are united in that which is of primary importance.
Likewise, their sending churches are not identical, but share a commonality of orthodox baptistic doctrine, love for Christ and His word, and a commitment to obeying the Great Commission through planting new churches in all nations. In Portugal, the same concept is taking form, and as neighbors, we are seeking to help each other across borders.

Next Steps...

Find out how you can get involved: givers, goers, prayers, teachers, mobilizers, all are needed!